GTS Controller

GTS Controller

With our intelligent, programmable controllers, we have a future-proof high-tech alternative to conventional standard controllers.


  • Integrated 3-phase TrueRMS measurement
  • 3-phase power measurement with control functions
  • Temperature control of system components
  • Calculation and control of the torque
  • Integrated network monitoring
  • Control of output voltage up to reference voltage
  • Potential-free relay outputs for actuating the actuators
  • Digital inputs for reading external sensors
  • Precise temperature measurement of external devices (PT100)
  • Two-stage insulation monitoring
  • CAN-Bus‑connection
  • extensive diagnostic functions

Electronic voltage regulation with integrated 3-phase TrueRMS


Controller hardware LCARx/IPRS/IPRP/IPRFV/IPRCAN Vx
Controller software adapted specifically for each customer
Control voltage 110 VAC to 460 VAC
Accuracy calibrated +/- 1%
Nominal current measurement effective TrueRMS (S1) +/- 1%
Nominal frequency 0 – 1500Hz
Transient time < 100ms
Supply voltage 12-24VDC LCARx with no external power supply)
Type of generator circuit star/delta
Grid type Protective separation/IT network
Operating temperature -30°C to 70°C
Storage temperature -40°C to 80°C
Excitation inverter up to 5.0 A control range; 2.5 A continuous current (S1) PWM modulated 5KHz
Noise filter installed or external
Insulation monitor installed or external
Insulation monitor Trigger value 23 kOhm installed/external via absolute value
Interfaces analog/digital/CAN (protocol taken from software definition) PT100 Temperature sensor input for precise control
Generator detection prepped for Wire ID chip
Design – cast or painted with a protective coat and glued
  – resistant to vibration and moisture
  – Cooling via cast aluminum cover
Options on request Summation current transformers for mA measurements (replaces RCD)
Testing insulation and functional tests